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Lunch (choose 3) $7 | Feast (choose 5) $11
Lunch for 2 (get all 6) $13
Choose from:
Gomen ጎመን
Steamed Kale, with carrots, red onion,
ginger, garlic and herbs.

Misir Wot ምስር ወጥ
Split red lentils cooked with spicy berbere
sauce, red onion, ginger, garlic, herbs.

Yeter Kik Alicha የክክ አልጫ
Yellow split peas cooked with red onion, ginger,
garlic, tomato, and a touch of yellow curry.

Yetimatim Selata ቲማቲም ሰላጣ
Raw cut tomatoes, red onion and hot green pepper
mixed with lime juice and oil.
Kedija Selata ከዲጃ ሰላጣ
Kale, lime, tomato, and avocado
in an olive oil dressing.
All meals served with Injera,
Ethiopian flatbread.
Iced Shai Ethiopian Spiced Tea $2.50
+ a shot of whiskey/lime juice
= Shai Correnti $5
Ethio Juices! Thick as a milkshake:
Avocado | Papaya | Mango $5
Espris (all 3 layered) $6